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Emergency Lighting:
the what, the why and the

Thank you for downloading our guide to Emergency Lighting.  Brought to you by Powercor, a leading specialist in Emergency Lighting and LED installations.

Powercor is an award-winning company, delivering sustainable and efficient energy solutions for private and public clients. We have worked extensively with businesses and schools to upgrade their lighting and power systems, and install the very latest emergency lighting solutions.

With over 10 years’ experience in the energy efficiency sector, we empower customers to maximise their benefit from lighting and energy solutions whilst reducing energy consumption and saving money.

With a dedicated team of technicians and engineers, we manage all of your energy needs – from lighting and sustainable energy to infrastructure and safety.

Contact us today to discuss your Emergency Lighting Requirements and book a FREE audit of your premises.

Why Powercor?

  • Award winning
  • 20+ years in business
  • Certified Value Added Partner of Phillips Lighting
  • One of the UK’s leading specialists in Emergency Lighting and LED installations
  • In-house team of engineers

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